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Daily chemical washing
The variety of products keeps increasing. In terms of raw materials, Sulfonic acid, SLES, AEO and other surfactants have become the rapid growth point of business in recent years. Finished and semi-finished laundry powder has become hot commodities in Southeast Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. The successful experience is replicated to detergent liquid and other household cleaners.
With a keen sense of market, we started with washing powder, 4A Zeolite and making breakthrough on Sodium Sulphate and Sodium Silicate. Since then, cleaning and detergent series has been successfully built up.
The team is also developing in the meanwhile. Tirelessly we support customers in product knowledge, logistics and warehousing, payment credit and other aspects, creating a full supply chain, all-weather, all-round backup. We will move forward on product specialization and serialization, growing together with customers and suppliers.