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Glass & Ceramic
The Ceramic Chemicals Department has been focusing on the exploration of different segments of ceramics. In order to provide customers with more comprehensive product support, our department focuses on ceramics and extends its related fields. So far, our department has two main series: Ceramic & Glass Chemicals and Refractory & Grinding Chemicals.
1. Ceramic & Glass: Titanium Dioxide Enamel Grade / Titanium Dioxide Pigment Grade / Barium Carbonate / Zinc Oxide / Chrome Oxide Green / Sodium Tripolyphosphate / Sodium SilicateFluoride / Cerium Oxide
2. Refractory & Grinding: Potassium Carbonate / Wollastonite /Alumina Grinding Ball /Tabular Alumina/ Calcined Alumina / Calcined Bauxite
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